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Got the new kawi on the zero turn. ordered it Wednesday night at about 11 and it was Friday at lunch. Never will i purchase another kohler product.

A piece of advice for everyone, after tearing apart 3 pieces of stihl equipment for valves and such. For Christ's sake buy mid grade and run stihl oil. you don't think it makes a difference i should have compared the 2 br600s i did. The fs100 i just got had rock hard fuel lines from ethanol and is still having carb issues.

As a side note, if anybody needs valves adjusted on br600s etc. I can do a br in about half an hour and trimmers in probably 15 minutes rather than taking it to the dealer.

I saw a Stockman truck in the villa. They didn't wave but i'm glad they pushed the hack that used to mow that lawn out it was dangerous even being near that property.

I wear carhartts and dickies as well, must be a north hills thing. I wear Chippewa loggers for boots.
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