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Originally Posted by ArTurf View Post
I couldn't see working with out it but I've built up enough business to justify the $1200 price. There was a time I couldn't imagine spending that much on it though so I guess only you can answer if it's worth it. Do you work alone, if so I'd say yes. Not only does it save time but if you work alone it makes it possible to do things you could never do. Example: need to flush a line and then screw something on quickly, just hit the remote for a sec. One thing, if you decide to go remote don't try to save money, get the best. Read some past threads on here.
One gets what one pays for, therefore one should buy the best one can afford. A piece of equipment that eliminates the need for an assistant will in the long run make one more productive, saving the employer/sole operator money.

I have yet to be convinced that a remote can both save the client money while making the user more money. I can see the client saving money on hourly labor savings but they still have the investment of labor and materials for remote capability.

I can also see where a remote can save an operator time onsite and labor if an assistant is required to run the controller but, if you're time onsite is reduced your billing should reflect the savings.

I agree that one should have a remote but I also think that everyone should have a multimeter, a locator, a pressure testing kit and a shop vac in the truck as well.
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I guess my confusion may be due to the fact that service people charge by the hour or fraction thereof.
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