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Originally Posted by retrodog View Post
Just saw your question. I have seen it all. Motor issues are just random luck of the draw. I ha e seen kawasakis with rods sticking out the side at 17 hours, melted, blown, briggs, kohlers same way then on other hand had some with 4000 hours no issues. Same with diesels, I have seen quite a few kubota diesel failures, and just the other day saw my first cat with either cracked head or blown head gasket...
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It would be upsetting if you paid all that extra money for those motors and they crapped out. My neighbors Kohler Command had a rod sticking out of it last week and it had 650 hours on it. He changed the oil every 50 hours and really took care of it. So I guess you're right on hit and miss. You think its possible to get 1500 hours out of these new briggs if they are maintained well? I think they are somewhat popular now considering almost every brand puts it in their mid grade mowers.
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