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Originally Posted by cli99 View Post
Sorry if I was a little rude in this post or my other ones. Yea for some people like elderly, people who think there top good, and busy people this is a great service. I only said that the local company buy me was a rip-off because they were charging for once a week with 2 dogs for medium sized yard for 1 year was around a grand!!! Your prices seam reasonable. Now do you take care of like dog sitting places? There's a place by my house that "baby sits" dogs durning the day. I would imagine there's 10+ dogs there. So would you guys visit regularly to pick up the poop because they could never "keep up"? Good luck!
That doesn't seem out of line to me. Weekly service of $20/week x 52 week/year would be $1040/year. Not many people who can afford to pay someone to pick up after their pets are going to bat an eye at $20/week. I have a 100lb bulldog/great dane mix, if someone were to come along and offer to clean up after him for $20 a week while I'm in the backyard with my pooper scooper and a plastic bag, I wouldn't be able to get the money out of my wallet fast enough.
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