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Originally Posted by DanaMac View Post
I've never had a guy go with me to operate the controller. Yes I have a RM remote, but I still use it less than 20% of the time. Still somewhat stuck in old ways, and don't have the time quite often to take 15-20 minutes to install the pigtail or explain to the customer why they should be charged for it. I love it, and wish pigtails were set up on all jobs. If by myself, I either just run through a 2-3 minute test cycle for all zones checking and adjusting, go back and forth to the controller to advance zones, or turn on manually at the manifold and then just a quick check to make sure they turn on electrically.

Yes, remotes make it easier and quicker. But when pressed for time, I can't justify an extra 15-20 minutes per job installing a tail, when I have 5-10 jobs set per day. Yes it would make it easier for future service calls.

Larger jobs I try to push for the tail. 1-8 zone systems are the ones I let slide without.
You don't have a pigtail with clips? On larger systems I install a permanent one but most smaller systems I just use the clips.
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