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Originally Posted by B&M Lawncare View Post
SEO it tracks the new post keeps them current in google searches constantly, tracks all the bad on the site to like malformed post etc.

Its very easy to do or you can just download the html file supplied then upload it via FTP to your root directory and verify it in google, same with bing and all the others.
I'm well-versed in what GWT is for and how it's utilized. I was asking for clarifications because you presented your advice as "this is all you need". I was asking for the rationale behind your advice to the OP as it seemed a bit broad for someone who doesn't have even a TITLE tag in use. Same goes for why you're telling the OP that an SEO plugin is junk. My listed advice takes someone for the proverbial walk before they can run, teaching them best practices and what impacts what, with regard to local seo and ranking.

Now, regarding your assertion that an seo plugin is "junk", correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that the Yoast plugin would walk the OP through the basics (title tag, meta description), including installation of the Webmaster tools snippets, not to mention the all-important sitemap.xml creation (which does come in handy for using with the GWT account). Without that, I think your "30 minutes time max" is wildly optimistic, by a factor of many.
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