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Originally Posted by Bryan27 View Post
That doesn't seem out of line to me. Weekly service of $20/week x 52 week/year would be $1040/year. Not many people who can afford to pay someone to pick up after their pets are going to bat an eye at $20/week. I have a 100lb bulldog/great dane mix, if someone were to come along and offer to clean up after him for $20 a week while I'm in the backyard with my pooper scooper and a plastic bag, I wouldn't be able to get the money out of my wallet fast enough.

Yea, no it doesent seem that bad. I just really never did the math ! Yea my dog is about 7 lbs so its poop is very small and usually so small it usually gets lost in the grass! Now a 100 lb dog, yea I would call you guys!!
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