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Originally Posted by Stone74 View Post
Hi all,

Ordered 2 of these masks awhile back, have now been using then everyday for about ten days.
They are worth every penny without a doubt.

So comfortable you don't even notice that you are wearing it.
Super easy to clean simply rinse it out in the sink and watch all the brown go down the drain.
No more dirt filled Kleenex after working all day doing dusty clean ups.

They are no different than anything else that we all buy, you simply get what you pay for. Them seem pricey until you actually use them.
I am ordering some more!!

I have even had a few passer bys stop me and ask where I got them from, so Wolfsnout if sales go up in Winnipeg it's likely from me passing on your info lol.
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Thanks for the great feedback.
cant hear customers say this enough! The discount page no longer gives a
discount, Lawnsite members use the code LS10.
Thanks Again,
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