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Originally Posted by twomancrew View Post
If it's like IA the co. is the handler and he has the permit to apply for that company. My permit has mu business name on it. As a owner/op I have to hold both license and permit to sell apps of any sort. Permit is good for 3 and handler's is good for a year. Both are $25 a year each. I was told to expect a call and home visit sometime my first 2 years because of the handler's. She said I will get a letter first I filed my handler's under exempt because I keep most my product at the dealer or at my dad's farm. Secondary containment whaaat?
Simple answer is its not like Iowa. To be out in your own company truck with no indication of the company you have a card for on that truck while conducting pest control business is a clear no no. I'm not being the rule nazi here I'm just saying mike and the company that holds the card got off lightly there.
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