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Originally Posted by sammyz1 View Post
so we have been fertilizing and spraying round-up for years. So you guys are saying that we can get in trouble for not having our business name on the trucks, and not having a spill kit and not having the id on hand? the owner has a license but weve never kept it in the truck.
You can call the state and ask them. In Iowa we have a Core book that covers state laws for IA. I just switched from using an old boss to registering as a handler for the permit. I was illegal before plain and simple, but I was prepared and safe as far as my truck and setup was concerned. It ain't much to do to be compliant but you need to know what your state requires. NY is probably more like Florida than Iowa when it comes to pesticides. I think about all we don't wanna get caught doing is not following label for restricted uses. Maybe spraying near apiaries as well, don't do that crap period especially here in IA. Happy neighbors= no problems.
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