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Originally Posted by gardengnome View Post
How does that translate to an hourly rate? How much time do you spend on site? What do you consider to be a small yard? Or a large for that matter? you said you disinfect, I assume you are talking about your tools? Do you offer anything for those wonderful saucer sized dead spots you get from ***** urine?

The included censorship relates to the term used for a female dog. Political correctness, hmmppff!

We've kept the service very simple so far, only removing pet waste and disinfecting our tools. We just this week started offering deodorizer treatment which has been requested by a number of our clients with patios and walkways their dogs target.

As for dead spot repair, I haven't offered that yet, but would be interested! Many of our lawns are sporting the scars of battle with dog feces/urine. What do you guys recommend? I would want the treatment to be consistent with our environmentally-friendly services. Ideas?
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