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Originally Posted by gardiner View Post
I also feel like i behind . that i actually did take a helper with me on one clean up But i felt it hurt me more then help me. Most of that day was teaching . that i felt it slowed me down . that i ended up working all day saturday solo to make up for lost money teaching . I try not to work at customers homes on weekends and holidays or befor 9am or after 6 pm .
I find it easy to bring up the weather conversation . everyone knows winter would not let go . now we getting all the early April showers .
This is SO true. You need the help, but if it took FOREVER to find the help, you're behind. Then training them, you're behind. You're just trudging through till you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.... or through a rain cloud in this case, i suppose. I agree with those times on weekends, too.

I should also say, that I don't feel we're going to lose clients over all this, but I feel like broken record when I talk to them. I feel like if I tell them that other companies out there are also crushed by the rain, they will just chill out and stop calling when it's only been 5 DAYS and their grass looks insane again. It's SPRING and it's RAINING, people!!! We'll get there! I Promise!
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