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Originally Posted by terceslil View Post
I have a 2003 Exmark 48" w/15hp Kawasaki. The model is MHP4815KAC, serial number 394840. I have nearly two acres of yard. It is not level and has many dips and holes. After I hit a hole, something on the mower goes out of adjustment and the mower no longer pulls. I take it to the shop and they charge like $60 to correct the adjustment. I really feel that the adjustment is nothing major and I hate having to bring it to the shop for a minor adjustment. It keeps the mower from pulling itself and sometimes won't turn without being forced. Any idea what the adjustment is?

This mower makes a pretty cut but does not like ditches, uneven or unlevel ground or holes!

Kinda late reply but it sounds like the neutral/tow rod is moving out of position. There should be a rod/lever for each trans that you move to allow the mower to be moved with the engine off. Either it is missing a spring and/or the rod has an indentation to hold it and is bouncing out of the groove and moving. You usually have to lift the seat to see it.
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