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Originally Posted by brichter14 View Post
I like the idea of the boom mounted in the front. I am afraid though of running my tires over the chemicals or fert. What is the advantage beyond just being able to see?

I plan on mounting a hopper to a reese hitch so i can hook it up easy.
no stiff neck from looking behind you Like my 3 point spray I have I run on one of my tractors

I like to see what the boom is doing I see every tip all the time never know when one might plug up

Mine setup just for spraying now I built it back in late 90s about 5 years a go I removed the deck since it was hanging me up getting over some curbs
Then I had to had 160 lbs to front end my spreader is mounted doesn't come off unless you unbolt it

Your front deck mower would be a pain I think trying to spray lawns with
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