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Originally Posted by buttaluv View Post
Good for you, enjoy yourself!
Thank you sir!
Originally Posted by jakes mowing View Post
Congrats on the truck! But I do have to say, the mulch needs a lot of work....a true edge isn't just taking a spade and making a straight line or edge line around the actually have to dig it out so it holds the mulch. Also, it needs to go on thicker. On that bush tear out where you put mulch down you needed at least three inches because there was no mulch originally. Make sure you pull the weeds and take the mulch all the way to the edges of beds and keep it the same depth throughout. Also dont mix mulch with rock.
Thanks man! She's got some performance mods on her I didn't know about till later, but its cool.

As to the mulch, yeah I admit, after reviewing the pictures, it does look crappy. For edging beds, do you use a spade or a bed re-definer? As for the rest of the job, I am going to make it a point to go back and fix it. The weeds you see are actually stumps where the plants are trying to come back. I need to dig those up or grind them. Any suggestons for that? Thanks for the criticism, I needed that.
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