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Last year most people were posting that 2 men crew was the most efficient.

Though people pointed out how Brickman is rolling multiple trucks to jobs with 4 men per truck.

The problem with crews is not the size but the quality of the workers and is the crew and equipment correctly matched to the job.

Number one complaint as crew size grows is the amount of standing around watching others work because it is not my job attitude.

This spring I did all of the clean ups by myself.

Last fall my son and friend helped me. My son and friend worked non stop. Everyone kept pitching in until we were loaded and ready to drive off.

Whether 1, 2, or 3 people I had the same efficiency. No body stood around.

My friend is 71 and last fall it was easy to see that age finally slowed him down a lot. Even so his old school attitude had him finding something that needed to be done with out standing around. Or waiting to be told to do something.

This trait is lacking in many in the younger generations.
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