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Well I got ahold of Norm today and told him how my powerchute quit working just after one week. I told him I can hear the motor "winding" but it doesn't lift the chute any more. He said the motor "took a impact or was struck or hit with something". He said all the motors are factory tested before they are sent out.

He said he is going to send me out another motor at no charge so I guess I will try it again.

I am the only one operating my mower and I operate the thing very delicately, most of you would probably laught cause I am very graceful and do not beat my stuff up. I can tell you that nothing struck the motor or hit and motor in any way. I operated the unit as it was intended at the motor last me a week. Maybe it was just a lemon motor, but to jump to conclusions that it was my fault that the motor was hit by something I think wasn't the best way to approach it but we will see how the new motor works out for me. I will keep you guys updated. thanks.
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