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Another thing I was kinda disappointed in was that when the chute is closed, it really does not mulch the clippings, it simply blocks them from coming out of the chute, and if you are mowing long grass it builds up makes a ridge of grass on the right hand side of the deck about 2" tall that obviously cant be left like that. I kind of expected this to happen but the whole idea of the block off plate is to save time and if you have to go back over and spread out the ridge of grass it just left behind than you really not saving time, you could just be using that time to blow the clippings off whatever you wernt tring to get them on, make sense?
Then you don't understand the purpose of a chute blocker. They are not designed or advertised as turning a non-mulching deck into a mulching deck.

They are designed to close off the discharge to prevent grass being blown into beds, cars, windows etc.
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