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Originally Posted by gardengnome View Post
You did specify "Manual", which Stihl obviously isn't.
Stihl does indeed sell hand tools. They have telescoping, and multi-piece manual pole pruners.

Not quite in-line with this thread, but I own a Stihl PP-100 manual pole pruner (it is fixed at around 6' long, and works like a high powered handheld pruner, but with extended reach), and it is my absolute favorite pruner. The best part is how the pruning head swivels 270 degrees from the grip, and is mounted at an angle, so you can really cut exactly where you want.
Any time I can't reach a branch with my Felco's, that's what I go for.
It's super light, and even sort of possible to one-hand. Try that with an extension pole pruner!
But 12' is past it's reach. I'd say if you're tall, but still keep your feet on the ground, 10' is more like it's real maximum reach (when you're stretching, and one-handing it).

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