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Originally Posted by bcg View Post

I told my RB rep this 4 years ago. I have several acreage sites with ESP-LXM controllers and ET-Manager cartridges that I would change tomorrow if this became available. I think that it won't though, because then what happens to all those companies tha have contracted with RB to provide the weather data for the ET-Manager? I really think the ET-Manager is just a step above a solar sync, yeah it uses more data to make decisions but it's still making changes to the seasonal adjust for the entire program rather than adjustments per zone like the SMT.
The good news for RB is that the ET manager is not their product. They license the core technology from a division Campbell Scientific. Even if RB discontinued the ET manager tomorrow Irrisoft still sells their version of the product. The signal providers aren't under any obligation to RB from what I can tell. I personally hate the ET manager. It's too damn expensive and the service fee is too high to essentially have somebody adjust your water budget or interrupt your common wire. I think that if they put the functionality of the SMT on an expansion cartridge for the LXMEF then it would be a big seller.
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