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Hey Firedog, hopefully I will be able to help answer a couple questions for you. First off I would get a wood floor on your trailer. I am not sure what size you want or what you are pulling it with, but if you are doing strictly mowing and not bagging the grass I would get a 6x12. However, if you do a lot of bagging, leaf clean up, pruning, mulching, etc. I would get a 16' trailer, just be sure it has brakes. As far as the mower is concerned I would go with the one that is serviced by the best dealer in your town. From what I have heard exmarks are great, however in my market the exmark dealer is small, doesnt have the parts in stock etc. so I wont use those mowers. Visit a couple dealers, get a feel for the people you will be dealing with and make your decision based on that. I like John Deere because they offer such easy financing options, and my dealer is easy to work with. One thing I wish I did when I first started out was finance all of my equipment instead of buying outright. However, it sounds like this is not a business that you want to grow a whole lot so if you have the cash go ahead and buy. If you do want to grow keep all the cash you can in the bank, and finance everything (as long as the interest rates are reasonable.) You can let the money you have work for you by using it for marketing etc. Also, if it is just you, start out with 1 of everything, no need to buy backups. I would wait until something breaks, and if it cant be fixed in time buy another one and use the old one as a back up when it is fixed. also, I would go with a 48" mower(no need to go bigger) unless the yards you will be servicing are small with a lot of gates etc. I would also go with a hydro mower instead of belt drive.
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