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Question since taking new job

Steve, this is a continuation from the other thread started about your new employment over at Volt.

I have to start briefly, due to my leaving to Lightfair shortly. It is my hope that many will begin to ask questions of you that they've been sitting idle on.

My first question relates to what your new plan is for improving Business efforts for all contractors. You said that you needed some time and to have patience, but it would seem to be that there should be some idea or base plan in place by've been involved with Volt for several months...assuming you joined them in January after your departure from Cast.

You stated, "I think it's helpful to point to 'emerging business models' (from other industries) so we don't get stuck in models that are obsolete due to changing technology. In a recent lecture from the president of the IESNA, he accused the lighting industry of being very much stuck in the past--especially compared to high tech industries."

I then asked if you thought that taking away the contractors ability to profit or gain mark-ups on materials (products) was considered being 'obsolete?' If that's the case due to Volt's actions against contractors, then how are they/we supposed to recover this overhead? Is it only through raising labor rates?

Maybe you have a to how we ALL can gain that missing piece of overhead. I am speaking specifically to the fact that Volt offers its products to consumers directly and at about the same price point as the contractor.

You, nor anyone out there has been able to explain this to us.

I'll ask more later....thank you.
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