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Originally Posted by BigFish View Post
Look, it's NOT a compression fitting! The elbow is crimped into the hose and is either a flare type ( steel on steel) or a flat face with an O ring in the face to seal the fitting. If the O ring goes south, no amount of tightening is gonna fix it, replace the O ring and make sure the mating surfaces are flat and not nicked.
The fittings (#60) that screw into the pump also take O rings, if loose they can leak, but can also be tightened. You can match up the O rings at any good hydraulic or power trans. house.

If it is indeed leaking from the middle of the elbow ( unlikely) then ya gotta replace the hose assy.
lawnsaspire,sorry should have explained it better than I did.Thought it was a flair fitting that is sealed when the flair nut compresses the flair to the mating surface.Looks like you have plenty of help now.
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