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Originally Posted by avguy View Post
A question for those who've actually gone through the top dressing process with riversand:

Back in '09 I renovated almost 2 acres in common Bermuda. Minus a small set back the last 2 years with some Nimblewill, my lawn looks fantastic but it's still not as smooth as I'd like it to be. My dilemma is how do you top dress that much area with out going broke with material and labor costs?

I have a SCUT tractor with a FEL. I'm wondering if it's at all feasible to dump small piles of the riversand around the yard and then back drag it with the loader. I would then use a drag mat like the one Gulfjoe used to smooth every thing over. Any thoughts?
Might try to strike a deal with local golf course to rent thier topdresser thus saving on labor. Get sand from a dirt supplier. Buy or maybe rent drag mat from same golf course.
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