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Steve.....although we did have a great conversation yesterday and it's not a personal act against any 'one' individual, there has been a distinct blow by the current company you work for in this case, that I/we do have a problem with. So, from this perspective I would say we do not agree.

I did say that we could find ways that we can work in alignment for the same common cause(s), so that the profession can be advanced and preserved, and/or continue to survive as it always was meant to.

In order for any type of alignment or accord to begin the company you represent needs to act in 'good faith' to remove the pricing on its website. Those who are buyers will follow through and inquire about pricing, and buy if they feel it's a good value.

If you and your company are sincere about advancing the profession, then this request shouldn't be an issue, and the pricing will not be available to casual browsers and price shoppers alike.

Otherwise, there is no basis or foundation for continued discussions on this topic, as the current open pricing policy is in conflict with most full-service, professional design-builders of these systems.
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