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Originally Posted by anotherlwnsvc View Post
If you make the mistake of hiring the drug addict make sure your equipment is well secured 'that night' !!! but also,one doesn't have to be an alky or addict 'to be a thief', if he is neither of these it starts w/ attitude and being able to listen, the main thing I have learned about workers is the 1st time you explain they are doing something wrong, they gaze off w/ no eye contact....'red flag'!!! & most likely no need to tell them to look at me when I talk to you, its bus pass time and back to work
I hate that, too? I first thought it was my tone or that I fussing at them. They just didn't really care enough. Can't fix that.

You really send em off on the bus and don't let em finish the day and give em a ride back?
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