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Mark, the days of "For sale to the trade only" are long gone. Homeowners can now even purchase EPA Regulated Use products from places like The reality is that, whether we like it or not, customers are going to see pricing on the web, any business that intends to sell online would be stupid not to make their prices part of their website.

Even if you get rid of Volt, you still have companies like Florida Outdoor Lighting, Landscape Light Werks (who happens to sell Copper Moon, a company that has refused to provide pricing to end users), etc.

I understand your point of view but, I don't think it's one that's going to be in line with the world we currently live in. At one time, you could only buy building materials from hardware stores, electrical supplies from electrical supply houses (many of which only sold to the trade), plumbing supplies from plumbing supply houses that also typically only sold to the trade, etc. Now you just run down to the local Home Depot or Lowes and get whatever you need. Has it ended the viability of plumbing or electrical contractors? Of course not. They still charge whatever they need to for their materials to cover their overhead, charging $50 for a retrofit can light that I can get at Home Depot for $10.

I think it makes more sense to change what needs to be changed to survive in the business world we're faced with today than to try to get businesses to go back to the business practices of yesteryear because that isn't going to happen. If you don't like that a company sells direct, then don't do business with them, their target market is obviously not you anyway.

There will always be a market for HK, Vision 3, etc. but there is also always going to be a market for DIY materials as well. While I'm personally not going to buy Volt products simply because I want the support my distributor provides of same day warranty replacements and stocking material for me so I don't have to keep stock or order in advance, I will say that at least they're giving those hard core DIY'ers the ability to buy a better quality product than what the box stores carry. In the end, having better quality available improves the perception of outdoor lighting as a whole and that's good for everyone. No one can argue that given a choice they'd rather have a DIY'er use Malibu than Volt. I know that when I've dealt with those that have had Malibu quality systems they were pretty much unwilling to even consider landscape lighting again.

I know you disagree, and I respect that, but the world isn't going to change no matter how much noise you make about this and I honestly doubt that the contractors that do better quality work than the average DIY guy (and lets face it, most contractors in this industry don't) represent enough money in sales to sway any manufacturer, Besides, if we're honest, they probably aren't using Volt products anyway and they aren't going to give up the products that have proven effective for them just because Volt decides to take it's pricing off the website.
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