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Bernie....there are obviously some differences or understandings here between us. One of the big issues here is that you see the DIYer as the big problem....who cares......professionals don't care about that. The DIYer is still going to do what they want....whatever.

The contractor supporting these practices is what is disappointing and a huge problem. They are supporting their own decline. Steve told me straight up that there are a bunch of contractors that are buying these products to try to save a buck. I'm sure many of them are right here on this forum. This is probably one reason why they are not speaking up.

Another reason is because they might not want their customer to find out that they are using this product that they themselves can get at about the same price. I'm sure they would feel this would be problematic.

Overall, yes.....'we need to find ways for businesses to survive', as you have stated. But, we all need to thrive in business.....not survive, but to thrive! However, when the contractor base is part of the problem....supporting efforts that will ultimately hurt can this be? They are providing for an uncertain future for themselves and others by supporting this open-priced system.

What I that those who are currently buying, apply pressure to get the open pricing removed. And, if that doesn't occur, to discontinue buying the product. When the pricing is removed and those contractors care to resume purchasing, then I don't have any issues with that.
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