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Originally Posted by OakNut View Post
When I read all the "I don't cut when it rains" threads, I always wonder how anyone gets anything done. I'm sure it's different elsewhere, but if I waited for the dew to dry, I'd be leaving the house at noon. There's dew on most mornings - it's not any different than if it had just rained.

Whoever started the myth that you can't cut wet grass had the luxury of waiting for it to dry.

I wish I'd get lucky enough to just mow "dew." I had to get on to two customers this week. Two weeks in a row, I showed up to mow to a wet lawn, sprinklers went off the same morning as I'm suppose to mow. I went ahead and mowed the first time with a warning, the second time I showed up and the same thing, sprinklers haven't been re-programmed. I spent fuel to get to the property, so I went ahead and mowed. On a side note, I'm tired of the WET grass. I'd be happy to mow a little dew.
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