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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
Light rain is okay. Heavy or steady enough to soften the ground, no way. I tell customers I would rather you be a little upset over long grass. Ruts are forever. Also being a runner variety St Augustine is easy to rip from the ground. Lightning capital of the world also weigh in on the decision to work or not. We had a GC get zapped recently.
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Yeah most of my ground here is hard packed there are very few customers yards that get to the point of mush for rutting, I absolutely will not cut if ruts are a chance.

As for clumping since deck is now pitched right it is very rare, there will be build up in the deck to fall out just run back and hit again to spread it out. Since deck pitch is right my HighLift air foil blades are not the best I have 18 blades 3sets from last year and 3 sets I bought at beginning of this year, I need to swap or sell them and get full highlifts now they will leave absolutely no clumps at all, used a old set in a 2" downpour the other day yard looked amazing.
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