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I thought I might interject for a quick moment...

Everyone is obviously entitled to their opinion and we welcome and encourage that. However, I also do not think that it is necessary to "call someone" out as such and, in the process, disrespect them, their decisions, company, etc., etc.

This forum is meant to be a meeting place of reasonable people who agree to a civil and positive exchange of ideas, opinions, etc. - a place where members should feel comfortable expressing these types of opinions and ideas. In accordance, members should not feel threatened or disrespected.

In being a member of a forum, members should be willing to be civil and abide by commonsense rules. And we, the moderators here on the site, want to preserve the atmosphere in a forum, to keep it as a place where all members are comfortable expressing their opinions.

When it is necessary to remove things from the forum, we do so to try to ensure that the forum retains its value to the entire membership.

Again, all are welcome to their opinions, but please remember and keep in mind what/how to go about voicing those opinions.

Thanks all, we would appreciate it
Michael J. Donovan, Sr.
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