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Originally Posted by Chilehead View Post
For the record, I am now NUMBER 1 in both organic search and Google Places when searching "lawn care in Stockbridge GA". Just saying.
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This really isn't the metric you want to hold up as the trophy. The vast majority of the people do think it's the best, but those who know this inside out recognize that it's a vanity metric. A keyword #1 is waaaaay over-inflated. It's nice. It's shiny. It gets people to your door. It's the conversion that is what matters most.

I'm extremely pleased with the #1's I have, but I put just as much effort into engaging and converting the traffic those keywords bring. Your site has a good rank. At this moment, it just doesn't have what it takes to engage and convert. You might tell me otherwise, with other supporting detail, but I can only go with what my eyes and experience tell me.

Also, as an addendum to the search ranks that Headz and I see, the results I posted are the same whether I set my search as United States, Chicago (where I am now), Atlanta, or Stockbridge. Same goes for switching my IP address to Atlanta.
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