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First of all, I'd like to thank you for not just 'deleting' this thread or continuing an atmosphere of censorship. I have expressed this, as well as others that it is a problem that seems to be governed primarily for the benefit of those who sponsor this site.

I would agree with you and I believe that I have been "civil" in this sensitive exchange of commentary. I am not here to bad mouth individuals, but I am here to voice my concerns over the 'practices' and 'behavior' of companies and/or individuals. This should be voiced even if it is "uncomfortable." Should it not?

I would like to ask you, as are we to openly discuss sensitive topics that are a concern to a trade or industry?

I realize that this individual and this company (not trying to mention names) are feeling the pressure to not answer or to hide from the very things they have said or have done. I am trying to bring public exposure to these issues, so that the whole can choose for themselves what is right and what is wrong. Like you said, these are my views, my opinions, and they are based upon truthful actions. If this is an "open" forum, how are we to discuss these things effectively when a specific person or company has done them?

There is obviously a lot of interest in this topic. This type of conversation has an educational quality to it--it's an insightful debate.

I am setting this down (likely) for a while, as the person in question here has told me that they are going to be doing some big things to help contractors later in the fall. Why the delay.....who knows? We'll see hopefully in the next several months if this is true or not. I will continue to pick this back up at that time and especially so if there is no real plan of action.

Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions.
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