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Mark, we have talked for years about this topic and you know where my thoughts are on all of this. However, it is not only the products that make something "high end". It is the craftsman that put the system together that makes it "high end". The usual suspects here are going to use the fixtures they know that gets the results they are happy with. 3M Wirenuts sold at the Depot or Amazon are no better or worse than the ones I get at my supplier. The 1/4-20 bolt that is holding the widget on my watzit in my car is simply a 1/4-20 bolt. It is the assembly of the structure that makes it high end. Maybe this is a battle to be fought but as I said before, open pricing has always been the case in the electrical field and as in electrical, we are selling a finished system. Or at least I am. I am not focusing on fixtures because I have researched what I use and I am more than comfortable placing these in my systems and charging what is necessary to do so.
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