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The Husqvarna 435 is at a pretty good price point right now. That is the model that is like a regular chainsaw. 40cc's. 12 to 18 inch bar. We use them a lot. We don't use it often for limbing. It is more used for bucking and cleaning up other downed debris.

The Husqvarna (top handle) T435 is a fabulous limbing and all around clean up saw. Super duper light. Tons of power for what it does. It is at 35cc's and can use 12 to 16 inch bars. We also use them very frequently. They are at a pretty good price point depending on where you buy them from.

Just make sure you use non-ethanol gas in them. Order spare professional bars and spare full chisel chains for them and you will be rockin' and rollin'.

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