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Originally Posted by cmos123 View Post
I will be moving to the Altoona area in the next month. I had a small lawn business down near Austin Tx and have not been doing lawns for two years now. After we get settled I am wanting to start mowing again, I actually miss it! Is anyone familiar with the Altoona area? Is this a good place for a lawn service? ANY advice or feedback would be much appreciated.
P.S. Any info on this area would be nice, I have never been there. I do have family in the Washington area south of Pitt.

I used to live about an hour from there so I'm familiar with the area, but that was many years ago and I was still in school, so I don't know what to tell you about the potential for lawn work there.

If I had to guess, there will be a lot of "old people" clients. It's not like Altoona is a booming city with wealthy people with money to burn. There are surely areas there that support our industry, but since the general area is pretty rural, I'd think most people take care of their own lawns.

I hope you like mountains and forests because Altoona sits right in the valley between two mountain ranges that run parallel to each other for miles and miles.
If you don't hunt, or fish, I suggest you just keep moving along. LOL
Or you can just wear camouflage and drive a Dodge Ram 4x4 and maybe nobody will notice.

It's really a beautiful area and I'm somewhat envious to be honest. I hate living in Pittsburgh, but the good part is that there's always work here - always.

Good luck. Welcome to the forum and to Pennsylvania!
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