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Originally Posted by BigFish View Post
C'mon, attention! Did I not say ya gotta buy the hose ASSEMBLY?

Crimped means CRIMPED, ya ain't pulling it apart!! The hose ASSEMBLY screws onto the adapter fitting (# 60), which is screwed into the pump housing.

You seem to be in over your head, and working in such tight quarters requires a certain skillset, and TOOLS, to ensure it ain't leaking when yer done.

Also, if ya gotta replace the hose, then you hafta deal with the same set-up at the wheel motor! Lotta potential fer leaks if ya don't know what yer doin'!
Got the fitting from parts tree and put it in today. The hose was not crimped to the fitting so there was no need to replace the hose assembly. The o ring had a tear which Allowd oil thru. I was glad I ordered a whole new part though bc it is a newer less bulky design. I'm guessing this is bc of the aforementioned recall. Thanks.
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