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As someone who is always checking laptop specs in looking for deals on something new, I find that most "consumer grade" laptops (ie what most "regular folks get") are usually at a resolution of 1366x768, heck even if you go with one with a larger physical screen, you are at 1600x900 (which is what mine is at), and even at that resolution, I still get a horizontal scroll bar.

In the web world, inches don't mean much in screen size. I have a 19" monitor that has lower resolution that my 17" laptop, and a I am looking at 15" laptop that has higher resolution (1920x1080) that both of them.

Now if you are checking your analytics stats, and seeing that an overwhelming majority of your traffic (80%+) are at 1400 width or higher, than no big deal, but if you don't know, you should be checking it out. While i don't have high traffic sites, I can say that most of my sites about 50% traffic comes from mobile devices now.
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