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Originally Posted by Tuttled View Post
Every person should be paid a living wage, we all need to have the basics in life. If it was you what would you do the job for?

I agree.

That's why I am always arguing on here with guys who say they "can't afford" to pay guys more than 9-11/hr. and why can't they find and good employees?

No one can "afford" to work for people like that, expect people that live in cardboard boxes and drive $300 cars to work.

"Damit my guy didn't make it in to work today! his car broke down again! he always uses that excuse"!

Uhhh thats because you pay him $9 and he drives a card board box with a weed whacker engine?

"well he should be more responsible and get a good car to get to work in"

On what? his college loan?

Maybe some people should be more responsible and pay their employees more.

A single person with no baby mama or extreme debt, can live on $12/hr with steady work.

A family (wife, kid, job holder) can live off $15/hr, with steady work.

We all know landscaping isn't steady work.

If 2000 hours in a year times $15/hr = $30000.00
then this is what the guy needs to make per year.

If 1400 hours is what you get in a season for work,
figure paying the guy at least 22,000 grand (the other 8k he can make int he off season by balancing unemployment and odd jobs, till the season picks back up)

that means 22,000 / 1400 =$15.71/hr.

That means THATS the least you should be paying a key guy you depend on and intend on keeping.

If you have mild to frequent OT available you can factor that in… but either way, a key guy who runs with you all season should be getting 18k to 24k per season (gross)…you depend on him to work, he depends on you to live.

IF you short change him, he WILL short change you or leave you hanging.

HE has priorities and a cheap employer will never be one of them.

Again I hear "I can't afford to pay the much".
Seriously, if thats the case, do it all yourself, or get out of a business you have no sane reason to be participating in… I hear there are a good companies out there willing to hire guys with landscaping experience.

Bear in mind, a single employee will ALWAYS make more money than the owner on a single route.

That employee might make $5 per lawn…the owner makes $1.

an owner isn't supposed to make a lot o money off one lawn, he/she should be making $1 off every lawn from every crew, so his collective pay accrual is higher than any one employee. But the $/lawn for each employee is way higher than the owner.

The individual owner should never be making more per yard that a single employee, unless its somehow a giant windfall.
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