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Heavy users of the HRC216HXA honda mowers here. They might be a bit heavier(or a lot if you are not gifted with strength) than the so called "lower end" honda models, or snapper or husqvarna or toro, but the HRC216 will last you 30 years with regular maintenance no matter how many times a week you will cut with it. Of course you will replace parts as well over that time on all models, but in my experiences and opinion with more than fifteen 21" mower manufacturers in america and abroad, honda commercial 21 mowers I would say are by far more resilient to any major parts going south anytime soon after purchase and a long time there after. Just 3 of the 9 HRC216HXA mowers we have, blisteringly blazed past 1500 hours with one of them breaking that milestone just 2 weeks ago. All of those 3 units have had nothing break at all that is major. Only tires and spark plugs and oil, plus blades and safety flap/sorta stripe roller under the back have had to be replaced in that time of 1500 hours. Only 2 units are on their second debris bags. Even the mini hydro whatever drive train oil looked barely broke down when we changed them at 1000 hours. These 3 units are just a couple years old.

Our company tried the HRX217 models and were very unhappy with them. We had multiple units that just didn't cut right no matter how hard we tried to modify what we saw as hondas engineering defects. That was our experience with them. Went back to the commercial HRC216's and will never look back.

Next best thing I do like is that I can get any part and even models 30 years or older of the honda commercial 21" mowers delivered to me 1 day airfreight if need be.

Know how to use your equipment. Treat it well. It will reward you if the product was made to last by the manufacturer.
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