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Originally Posted by MOturkey View Post
Gee, thanks Herler for taking all the time to explain meteorology to me. I'm not sure what that has to do with the subject of this post anyway, since it did start raining just as we finished up the gentleman's lawn.
Your first words:

Originally Posted by MOturkey View Post
Our weather forecast calls for rain every day for the foreseeable future, with total accumulations of as much as 9 inches total in some areas during the next 7 days.
I didn't realize you were going to shift gears next paragraph down, next time get to the point and don't beat around the bush.
Then, learn how to read a forecast so you can schedule appropriately since it is most likely NOT going to rain for the next 7 days straight.

Originally Posted by MOturkey View Post
It didn't rain as much as I thought it might, with the main storm going just south of here, so we were able to go back out late yesterday afternoon and do the remaining two properties on yesterday's schedule.

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