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IMO, focusing so much energy on trying to tell VOLT how to do business is not fair and to be honest, the OP is really in no position to do so.

We have used VOLT for LED lamps; we have found their service and products to be good quality. OUR new install customer base is NOT a VOLT customer, so it has no influence on how we do business. Any potential customers that would mention online pricing or purchasing their own fixtures will never be a customer of ours.

We install irrigation and charge retail plus for repair parts which anyone can find for close to contractor cost online. What is the difference here with VOLT?

When installing a quality and professional lighting system for our customers, price shopping or a price difference of a few hundred dollars does not make any us at least.

We provide the customer with a proposal that contains one number showing the total estimate amount to do a complete system. We do not breakdown labor versus materials......IMO, it leaves too much out there for the customer to question labor or material costs.
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