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Well, it looks like this is a dying thread now. So, it is or has been what it is. I know many do not appreciate or understand the position I and a few others are taking in this, but I have been at least willing to take up the charge. I've been in PM discussions for the past 3 days with Steve P., as he no longer wishes to openly debate these things. I understand and respect his stance there. Do I agree with it..."no." I believe that this will hurt him and his new company's image because they are unwilling to openly debate about it. To me, this is hiding from the issues. It's also a means to allow it all to dissolve or to sweep past actions under the rug. Whatever....that's their choice.

My intentions are and will always be to expose the truths to what is going on in our specialized trade. It's unfortunate that only a handful are willing to do this.

There's also not much use at beating a dead horse. Many contractors in this industry choose to see things in a short-sighted view. Maybe they don't understand how the actions or lack of action around us today will greatly impact us in the future. All I can say is that I would love to talk to each of you 10 or 20 years from see how thriving and successful you are working with your business models. Time will tell the truth. I can't, nor can anyone prevent this from happening. I'm sure that is the point that most of you are thinking too. order to be successful at your business (financially), you have to surround yourself by successful people, methods and practices, and principles. If you believe that this company in question is going to bring you the success you are looking for, then 'best of luck.' You should just really understand the dynamics of these actions.....this company is an importer/manufacturer that is not a professional contractor/installer.....they are out for one make money off of you however they can. Are you surrounding yourself by like companies or individuals (professional contractors-designers) that have proven experience? Most likely not, especially if you are going to allow a company like this to mentor to show you how to run your business. It's no different than me going down to the local distributor and letting them show me how to be "successful." Yikes!!

Best wishes to all...hope this activity did help some.
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