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Indy....I'm using Gambino's products, which are exclusive and no one can shop them....the best of all of these situations. And in other, lower budget scenarios, I've been utilizing some of the CopperMoon line. I do this because Doug honors the contractor profession and does not allow consumers to buy direct from him. I've used a couple of other products on occasion to perform add-on's or whatever on past customers from years ago. Most of my early days were spent using FX Luminaire. Over the years I've tried quite a few different things, to help me to learn the good's and bad's of particular lines, especially early on.

Also, I am not a fan of the distributors....I've tried many. If I'm going to work with one, then I tend to go for the smaller operation because they offer a better service. I just hate the idea of giving them almost 30% more for something that I gain little in return for. Most don't know the products....most have poor service and don't follow up or follow through....and most don't stock like they used to. What's the benefit?
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