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Originally Posted by starry night View Post
Let's see. We can't use the exclusive line from Mike Gambino like you do.
We aren't suppose to buy from Volt because you don't like their sales plan. And, if we follow your advice, we shouldn't buy from distributors because they take away mark-up that we ought to be able to put in our own pockets.

No wonder no one wants to debate you on a public forum. It's a no-win for us. I'm certainly not going to try anymore.
That's exactly how I've felt.

I don't care about volt because I don't use them. It's just like sprinkler warehouse. If you have to justify you're pricing you have the wrong customers.

I always tell them they are welcome to do installs their self but it's going to cost you when I fix it. I'm not a fan of price shippers

And I don't generally mark fixtures up. I make my money in labor costs. But then again I don't itemize estimates either
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