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Originally Posted by Tuttled View Post
Every person should be paid a living wage, we all need to have the basics in life. If it was you what would you do the job for?
The issue I see with many of the young people who work for me is their definition of "the basics in life". A living wage doesn't include choosing a lifestyle then asking your employer to fund it. Quit being innocent bystanders in your own life - develop skills that demand higher wages.

I see the same employees complain about not making enough money pull into the parking lot with a nicer/newer car then my wife drives. I see them purchase time shares without understanding the financial impact. I see them purchase the newest phones and TV's. I see them turn down a temp opportunity on the weekend because they want the day off. I see them decline full tuition reimbursement because they don't want to take the time to improve.

All that being said, I'm definitely an advocate of paying above market wages to keep rockstar employees. I just need them to quit comparing their chapter one or two in their career with my chapter 23.

Just my two cents....
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