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Originally Posted by Tuttled View Post
Every person should be paid a living wage, we all need to have the basics in life. If it was you what would you do the job for?
If a person can survive on the wage they earn, by its very definition, it's a living wage. If they waste away to nothing, then it's not a living wage. This phrase is non sense, just like affordable housing. If by basics in life, can you show me someone with a job that can't put toilet paper on their ass? Have you ever had an employee show up naked since they can't afford clothes?

Everything comes down to supply and demand. There are tons of low skill loosers who will run a mower or weed whip semi poorly. The want more money, you replace them with someone else who values the opportunity more than not working. It's really quite simple. Go to and learn that govt wage standard do nothing more than create inflation.
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