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Originally Posted by klogan011 View Post
If minimum wage goes up then so do prices of product. Or we will lose more jobs over seas because companies cant afford to pay a person 4 as much her as to send it over seas. It actually doesn't give you more money. It just inflates everything. Yes you might make 10-15 an hour min. But that dollar menu turns into a 5 dollar menu. Rich people will just get richer because all they will see opportunity to raise prices and be able to blame someone else. Basically the people making minimum wage need to consider finishing high school and or college.
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A simple HS diploma will not get you anything more than minimum wage, especially since there are plenty of college grads who can't get more than minimum wage jobs.

So if you don't finish HS…your still getting the same min wage job.

I got a guy right now who hasn't finished HS, he makes $13/hr.
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