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Originally Posted by FdLLawnMan View Post
The plant can only uptake .1 lbs of nitrogen through the foliar process. Everything elapse is taken up via the roots. If I am wrong on this someone please correct me. AMS had a higher salt content per nutrient value vs urea. I use AMS as an addendum with my UFLEXX and UMAXX because I have soils that are on the high end of the ph scale. I do not use it in the summer when it is hot. I then use a combination of Urea Triazone and my U fertilizers. If you don't have irrigation you need to dilute the fertilizer and apply less.
I assume you mean "salt index" or "osmolality index" and not "salt content" as it's unlikely AMS or other N sources would contain any negligible amounts of sodium chloride or other chlorides.
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