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Originally Posted by Blasko's Lawncare View Post

Sorry for not being around I don't go on my computer and sign in on here much, but I've been reading everything. Since then I've posted on craigslist and got a lot more bs then actual customers out of it, made the add look clean not sloppy. I also have a text add in the local newspaper which has already more than paid itself off. Most of my calls have been off the newspaper add and referrals from where I used to work. The big problem right now is most of the jobs i'm getting are odd ball jobs like hey come mow my hay field for nothing or i'm selling my house how much to mow once a month. I have picked up some quality weekly mow customers. Right now just focusing on doing quality work on the customers I have while juggling the delivery job. Trying to gain a good portfolio of pictures so I can set up a website in the near future. I've learned a lot already this year on what to do and what not to do.

This stuff isn't for the weak keep your head down treat each customer like their your only one do good work time will pay off if you are true to sticking with it.
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